House of Pestilence

In the past 8 days, our whole family has cycled through the same sickness. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, because, lucky me, I’ve been sick twice with two different fabulous bugs. Just when I figured I’d gotten over my unique manifestation of what everybody else had, I realized that no, I’d had something special and unique to me, and now, several days later, I was getting what everyone else had had. It’s that kind of bad when you take heavy drugs and become semi-functional, and then a few hours later, you’re like, “OMG I AM GOING TO DIE,” and then you realized that you’re just due for your next dose of drugs.

In spite of these health challenges, we managed to enjoy a busy weekend, although we had to split up to do it. Cute W and M took a big ol’ roadtrip to a soccer tournament where M’s team won all their games and M played the best she’s played all year. J and I visited family overnight and saw her about-to-graduate cousin dance.

Here is a picture of J’s school. I took it because it does my heart good to see all those bikes parked in front on a beautiful day.

I originally followed up this image with three solid paragraphs about why and how my children are annoying me lately. And then I took them out. It made all of us sound whiny. Sometimes just whining to myself is enough.

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