Rainy Day Suggestions

At least yesterday was lovely. I spent the morning tabling at the Upper Union Street Strawberry Festival for WGGS, and it was a delight. Look at these cute magnets we made that people were scooping up at $1 suggested donation.

But today, Father’s Day, is a gloom fest outside. Luckily, I have suggestions for you, because I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy two shows lately.

Waitress is at Proctors. It was an excellent show. I didn’t love, ahem, every aspect of the story line of this musical, but there were funny moments and poignant moments, and the star’s voice was amazing. Today’s the last day, so jump on that.

Or you can watch the US Women’s Soccer Team playing in the World Cup vs. Chile at noon today. That is what we will be doing. At Wolff’s Biergarten. With extra hard cider and peanuts for Cute W.

Or go see Booksmart. We’ve been wanting to see this one since it came out, and finally last night the stars aligned, and the four of us went out for some pre-Father’s Day fun with empanadas at La Empanada Llama and Booksmart at the Spectrum. It was really, really funny. Like, so funny that there were times when I was laughing that I worried that I was laughing too loudly and disruptively. Plus, it’s about girls who’ve spent too much time fretting about getting into college and need a little more fun, which is a topic with which our family is quite familiar. It is a little outlandish and ridiculous, but in the best way possible. We all loved it.

Happy Father’s Day! I realized as I put this list together that it’s a pretty girl-power list, but we are supremely fortunate that our resident dad is an ardent supporter of girl power. The girls and I are profoundly lucky to have him.

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