Clinton Street Mercantile

This morning I biked to a 9 am exercise class at the JCC, and when I glided back into our driveway a little after 10 am, the girls were like, yay! Not because they were happy to see me, because they wanted my bike. We currently own 5 bikes. But one of them is too small (I’ve been meaning to Craigslist it, but a nearly-identical bike has been languishing for sale for the last month, so I’m waiting). One, which Cute W rides (and which he’d taken all the way to downtown Albany for work and back on Friday), had a seat that was tilted slightly off kilter. Another needed air in the tires, and even though we have repeatedly explained how to do this with Cute W’s fancy-pants compressed air contraption, they’d rather just skip it, thank you. So when I sailed in on a perfectly ready-to-ride bike, they were happy to ignore the sweaty seat and just get rolling. Destination: the Schenectady Greenmarket.

I don’t know what gave them the idea to ride down to the Greenmarket together, but I am all for beautiful and wholesome sisterly bonding in the great outdoors supporting local merchants. Even if I would prefer that they were wearing bike helmets (remember, I’ve given up that fight), I was still happy to see them bike away. Especially when there had been way too much binge watching of Jane the Virgin this weekend.

They returned with a small bunch of apricots, a gorgeous head of purple cauliflower, and vintage clothes from the Clinton Street Mercantile. They were super, super excited with their purchases.

I hadn’t heard about Clinton Street Mercantile, and neither had the girls, but they were sent to visit the store (which is on Clinton Street right near one of our favorites, Taj Mahal) from someone at one of the booths at the Greenmarket. It’s a space for a whole bunch of different makers creating all sorts of delightful stuff. J said, “It’s my new favorite store in Schenectady.” Here the girls are modeling their new (vintage) clothing acquisitions: M’s cutey-patootie dress and J’s pants-just-like-pants-she’s-been-secretly-pining-for.

So now I’m excited to go check out the store. It looks absolutely lovely on their website and their Facebook page, plus they have fun craftastic workshops.

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