Senior Portraits

Yep, that’s my little baby sporting a cap and gown.

Today we headed to the high school to take M’s yearbook photo. The whole process seems to be veiled in mystery, with incomplete communication from both the school and the photography studio they’re using. An appointment was scheduled that offered up options like how many different outfits you could wear, but nobody mentioned that the cap-and-gown shots were included. As were the “official” portraits for the yearbook, including a specific uniform (black drape-y thing or tux jacket and bow tie) to be worn at a specific angle in front of a specific background (blue). But maybe, once you took that picture, you can replace it with some other senior portrait picture for the yearbook? That was the speculation among parents. I have no idea. I have no particular desire to add another item to our “To Do” list. And M doesn’t love getting her picture taken. She’s convinced that she’s not photogenic. I don’t think that that’s true, exactly, but in general I have to agree that she’s definitely cuter in person. So we might just be done.

There were clearly other seniors who were having more fun with the portrait session than we were. We saw some other proofs of her classmates, one of whom had brought along her cat, and another who’d gotten dramatic sports pictures. They looked great. For us, though, it felt a little torturous just to get the basics taken care of. But here it is, only August, and it feels like graduation is just around the corner!


  1. Claire

    Wow! I think she was in preschool when I started reading your blog! I’ve been freaking out about the fact that my son is entering 6th grade and graduating from elementary school next June, but I know I’ll blink and he’ll be posing for a high school graduation photo!

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