Scary Season

Happy November! I meant to do an update before Halloween, but things got away from me. We generally have TONS of kids on our street for Halloween, and we didn’t know how this year would go. But we wanted to be prepared and COVID-responsible. So we repurposed the Cat Castle ramp (which the kitties never really felt too comfortable about) into a Candy Delivery Ramp– tada!

We can open that window from either the top or the bottom, so a note at the front door sent kids to stand at the table and yell trick or treat, and then we’d drop the candy from the top of the window down the ramp into their bags. It worked very well. The kids were delighted. We also gave extra candy because we all deserve extra candy this year. Then we almost ran out of candy. Then I ran to the store to buy more candy. Then everyone stopped coming and now we have a ton of candy at our house.

Of course tomorrow is election day, and J has secured parental permission to stay home from school on Wednesday (she’s online tomorrow) if she fears the sort of emotional breakdown and sobbing in the school hallways that occurred in 6th grade. REALLY hoping it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, M has embarked on Phase 3 of the Gap Year. This is also terrifying and anxiety-producing for me, the Mom. Details later, once I’m feeling less panicky about it all.


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