Holiday Craftiness: A Christmas Scrapbook

First of all, I am not a Scrapbook Girl. I have plenty of friends who will happily spend hours–and even weekends on special scrapbook retreats–layering expensive artistic papers and stenciling things and tying on artful little ribbons. It’s not my cup of tea. I enjoy the convenience of my digital photos on my computer and … [Read more…]

Holiday Hassles

Would you believe that  in the time it took my two daughters to draw pictures of a dragon in their art class, I managed to stock up on pomegranates at the grocery store and drop $200 at Barnes & Noble on holiday gifts and paraphernalia? Impressive, no? You know, I’m making a bit of a … [Read more…]

Holiday Lights

Over the weekend, I plugged in our tree lights and only half of them worked. Cute W bought new ones and arrived home with lights that he hoped would “twinkle” gently. Alas, they blinked in a possibly-seizure-inducing manner. They were returned, and then he came home with lights that turned out to have white cords … [Read more…]

Homemade Wreaths

I had several moms from my moms’ group over to make homemade wreaths tonight. If you’ve never made your own wreath, you should give it a try. It’s not difficult, and it’s a very satisfying craft. The first scarf that you ever knit probably won’t look too terrific, but the very first wreath you ever … [Read more…]

Holiday Craftiness & The Tree

We got our tree this morning. We cut our own at Ellms’ Christmas Trees. Yes, they’re pricey, but we like all the bells and whistles (reindeer, Santa, trolley, cocoa). I was a little concerned because last year the fields were looking a bit sparse. But we found a tree almost immediately. I stayed to “save” … [Read more…]

Kicking into Serious Holiday Mode

Since dinner, I’ve made two cheeseballs and a batch of Magic Cookie Bars, we all watched  The Muppet Christmas Carol, and as soon as this is done I’m going to pre-cut felt pieces for making felt ornaments at a big ol’ holiday craft-a-thon I’m helping with tomorrow. Part of the feverish preparations are because we’re … [Read more…]

Holiday Freakout

The dust has settled from the weekend’s family party, and now I’m chugging into full holiday freakout mode.  It doesn’t help that someone on Facebook reported that they’d completed all of their shopping and had strung up lights al-freakin’-ready.   I mean, that’s the kind of holiday smugness you just need to keep to yourself. On … [Read more…]