Holiday Countdown!

So. . . are you ready? I’m doing pretty well, actually. I’ve done all of my shopping except for my last pre-holiday grocery shopping, which will be tomorrow. We’re mostly ready except that I have to sew a couple of Ewok cloaks. You heard me. No, I’m not kidding.  Remember that I said that J … [Read more…]

Holiday Links for You

So, I’ve had a somewhat emotionally exhausting day with a teacher conference that I feared would be contentious scheduled for smack dab in the middle of my day. The conference actually turned out quite peaceful and cordial, but my jaw is still sore from night-time stress teeth-grinding for the past two nights. I’d told myself that … [Read more…]

Cutting Our Own Capital District Tree

We’ve got our Christmas tree. We cut our own at Bob’s Trees this year. This was a departure for us–we’ve been to Ellm’s Family Farm for the past two years. And we do like Ellm’s (here’s the post from last year). But last year the choices seemed a little sparse, so we thought that we’d … [Read more…]

Crafty Girl Party Report

As you may remember, I recently hosted what I call the annual Crafty Girls party. I started doing this party a few years ago because I liked the idea of getting the girls excited for holiday stuff beyond the presents on Christmas morning and because I like slightly-too-ambitious craft projects. We do it after school, … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

The children are nestled all snug in their beds, and so begins my favorite part of Christmas Eve: hunting down all the stashed-away gifts and stuffing the stockings. Then a snack and a glass of wine. One funny thing about this Christmas season: for some reason, neither of my children has been able to remember … [Read more…]

Holiday Deliciousness: Shortbread

Oh, the pretty shortbread! This is another family Christmas tradition. We’d snack on shortbread first thing in the morning while the bigger, more elaborate Christmas breakfast was still being prepared. Not that this should in any way count as breakfast. But it’s tasty, and if you have a gorgeous shortbread mold, it’s also beautiful as … [Read more…]

Feats of Daring and Bravery!

I braved the mall today. I am almost completely done with my shopping, but there are always a few things that elude me, or that I think of at the last minute. So I made a list, checked it twice, ate some extra protein, and left for the mall. Without my list. Luckily, since I’d … [Read more…]