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I have the great good fortune of serenity time courtesy of my neighbors who took my two children over to play right after church.  I love neighbors.  I am blessed with excellent neighbors.

So, I sat down to lunch and the Gazette.   First, if you’ve ever wondered about the photo on the top of this website, well–it’s just a random photo that I bought off of a royalty-free site, and you can see the front of those gals in this week’s USA Weekend.  I turned to the page talking about “sneaky fitness” and thought, I know them!  Perhaps you recognized them, too?  Incidentally, how sneaky is it, really, to remove all of your dining-room chairs and replace them with fitness balls?  That just seems so obvious and heavy handed that it could potentially lead to thousands of dollars paid to therapists and nutritionists. . . . you know, like you’re saying, “Okay, see if you can use both hands to shovel the food in while you’re balancing on a ball!”  I mean, am I being oversensitive here?  I think that if I were a chubby child and my mom made me sit on a fitness ball to eat, it might hurt my feelings.

OK, and now I’m rambling a little bit, but on the topic of stupid ideas about eating with your family, this reminds me of the time that I heard a radio ad for Heluva Good dips and snacks.  The ad started with a couple of kids  whining about how there’s nothing good on tv.  So, of course you think that the clever parents are going to suggest playing outside, or perhaps an outing to a local amusement park. . . . “Hel” no.  Instead, we hear them pulling out big bags of potato chips and Heluva Good dips because if you are stuffing your face with junk food while watching tv, it makes the really crappy tv seem almost mediocre!  I’m serious!  Did anyone else ever hear this ad?  I remember stopping in the middle of the grocery store aisle to listen because I was so appalled.  Then and there I swore off the entire brand on principle.

But moving on to other important news items, my horoscope (Libra) says, “Play around with some ideas on the computer or in your notebook.”  Why, thank you,  I think I will!  I’m one of those people who “believes” good horoscopes and ignores anything else.  But I am playing around with some things.  I’m working on the regular events calendar (still, I know, sorry!) and I’m also trying to make some cute little business cards to put on bulletin boards and hand out hither, thither, and yon.

If I actually get one of these tasks accomplished, y’all will be the first to know, and meanwhile, I’ll have an update on events during the week by sometime tomorrow.

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