When my husband goes out of town, I miss him most in the morning.  He is a morning person, as is M.  Not me.  Last night, when M went to bed, I persuaded her to set the alarm for 6:15 am instead of 6 am, which she prefers.  She is a morning freak of nature–a 7-year-old who will wake up on her own, get dressed, and head downstairs.  In fact, two nights ago, there’d been a quick power outage and I didn’t realize that her alarm had gotten messed up until I heard her up and around at midnight–she was pulling her jeans on for school, looking so perky and composed that for a minute I thought that I was the one who was confused.  When my husband’s gone, I don’t want her to feel lonely, so I drag myself out of bed, but it isn’t pretty.  This morning I heard her before 6 am–she was walking around the house with a flashlight.  She’d gotten impatient waiting for the alarm.  This after my little one had gotten up and crawled into my bed in the middle of the night sobbing because she wasn’t feeling good.  Oy.

So moments ago, I was doing one of my favorite activities when I’m barely awake, which I supposed could be entitled “Do With Me What You Will”.   I remain prone and semi-conscious while a child does things like shine flashlights into my ears and nose or brushes my hair.  I’m currently sporting a large purple flower barrette.  When J had completed her masterpiece she was thrilled.  “Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful!  Go look in the mirror!”  I’m going to look extra fabulous at gymnastics today.  Unless she calls my bluff and asks me to take it out in the car–keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, under the category of miscellaneous, here are a couple of Friday additions that I missed in my earlier post:

And I know that this is out of town, but as the mom of 2 daughters I love the idea of Gore Mountains “Take Your Daughters to Gore Week”, which starts on Monday–free skiing and tubing for girls under 19.

I’ll have stuff for the weekend late today or tomorrow.  Actually, that’s been my habit, but is it too late for some of you?  Myself, I don’t plan too far ahead.

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