Wake Up, Baby!

I’m a little bit concerned that, between all of my whining and all of the talk about skiing, some of you might be nodding off in boredom.  Or perhaps the bloggy-voice is starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, wah-whonk-wah-whonka-wahh. . .  So  I’m introducing the latest project that I’ve been working on.  It’s a calendar of regularly-scheduled events.  Once again, I have an unfulfilled vision–I wanted it to look like those cute little pop-up calendars you’ll find everywhere on the internet.  But it’s not really a normal calendar, anyway, and if it were a normal calendar, I don’t know how I’d ever keep up with it.

When I list off upcoming events in blog posts, I try to stick with items that don’t happen regularly–it would get boring to read the same stuff over and over, and it would be a lot of typing.  But you want that information, so it will be over there on the right, under the links–it’s called What About TODAY? This is another piece that I’ll be adding to as we go along, so I’d love additional suggestions.   These are all spur-of-the-moment sort of activities, but if you follow the links, you might find similar items that you can register for in advance as well.

I hope you find something new and fun to do!  And I’ll have weekend activities later today or tomorrow.

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  1. That’s a great idea! I actually prefer reading things in list format as I can scan it much faster than those Google Calendars. There’s another blog, not mine, but with a similar name that has a Google calendar feature showing events in the Capital Region. You can find it at http://albanykids.org

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