Frigidly Freezin’

Wow, when it’s this cold, I just want to stay inside.  Luckily, there’s lots to do this weekend, but the freezing weather and a visit to Mohawk Commons last night reminded me that I have another list I’m working on, which I like to call  “Indoor Desperation”.  You know–for when you must get out of the house,  but it’s cold or rainy and so you’re looking for something indoors.  Now, I already have a list of Indoor Playtime spots on the Big Ol’ List of Links, but some days you just have an hour to kill, or you’re feeling cheap, or whatever.  So if you have suggestions that you think might be appropriate for the Indoor Desperation list, please do email me.

One of my best timekillers-with-little-kids has always been that strip in Mohawk Commons that includes Old Navy, Petsmart, and Barnes & Noble.  Years ago, now, Old Navy had that cute talking dog.  Last night I visited, and they had some groovy game projected on the floor that had kids kicking a virtual ball around.  In fact, one family was so busy playing that I didn’t even get a chance to try it out.  So if you need to kill some time (or you’re dying for a pair of flipflops), Old Navy is your destination.  Then, of course, Petsmart has animals.  With the under-six set, you can spend an hour there, especially if they’re grooming dogs or they have the cats out for adoption.  And Barnes & Noble!  So many fond memories from around the Thomas table.  Like the time I told 3-year-old M that she had 5 more minutes because J had a pooper.  And, like, 3 different adults stumbled over each other to offer to watch M so that I could go change the pooper right away.  Wow, thought I, she must smell extraordinarily bad.  Poor little stinkball.

Anyway, we’re heading out to store up an insulating layer of fat, ourselves.  On Saturday mornings, we usually split up for classes and then spend a little Quality Time and lunch as a date, 1 parent per child.  But this week my cute husband has another engagement, so we girls are headed over to the Golden Phoenix.  While it’s not overwhelmingly authentic, the buffet has kid delights like dumplings and mandarin oranges and jello, while I get some Mongolian barbecue.  And we all appreciate a self-serve ice cream machine.  And J could easily spend half an hour at the little fish pond if I ever let her–it would be great for killing time if we ordered food, but there’s no need to kill time.  Nothing like a buffet for immediate gratification-yum.

Stay warm!


  1. Cheri

    So, you discovered that Old Navy has 30% off the entire store through today! Lucy and I visited yesterday and found some adorable V-day tee shirts.

  2. Mary Ellen

    Wow! I haven’t checked you out for a few weeks. Things look even better. Love the business card. Great job! M.E

  3. HollowSquirrel

    Lucy will look adorable in the super duper fantastically wonderful Valentine Party at her school… hope the helping parent is “on” that day. 😉

  4. I’ll confess that when I was desperate, indoor gyms at McDonald’s were a good way to tire out very little kids. We used to go to the large one in Cohoes and the one in Guilderland by the medical park.

    Later, we discovered indoor ice skating and indoor pools.

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