Lazy Day

The girls are playing outside and the grown-ups are being pretty lazy.  We did manage to hit the library book sale.  I would have bought more if the girls hadn’t been quite out of patience with me.  Just because I went today doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to go for the bag sale tomorrow, too.

Waiting to buy our books.

We also stopped at the Union Street Farmer’s Market, which was mostly herbs and flowers.  I bought two purple basil plants because both M & J inexplicably crave these leaves.  They beg to pinch them off and eat them immediately.  Regular ol’ green basil does nothing for them.  Seriously, I can’t tell the difference, but I guess they’re just prettier.

Speaking of green leaves, I pulled off quite a coup at my very last helper day at the nursery school ever.  I made a strawberry smoothie with a healthy portion of spinach leaves, and several kids asked for seconds and/or told me to give their moms the recipe.  Here it is:

Strawberry Smoothies

  • 1 1/2 cups juice (I used Juicy Juice Cran-Raspberry)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 bag (15 oz.) of frozen strawberries (maybe they were organic and maybe they weren’t, okay?? stop judging me!)
  • 1 cup packed raw baby spinach
  • Blend away!   I’m also a fan of throwing cherries/blueberries/raspberries in, but I thought that one simple flavor might go over better with a crowd.

    Back to today, I also got a big, beautiful flower in a hanging pot for the screened porch, which means that I’m ready to show it now.

    Cozy, right? Don't you just want to come over and have a glass of wine right this minute?

    Okay, and this will show you how cheap, cheap, cheap I am:

    • Rug: our first rug purchase for our apartment ten years ago–it was rolled up in storage for about six years.
    • Pretty wicker chairs are a hand-me-down from my stylish sister B.  They did a stint as our kitchen chairs, but wicker is not the best choice when feeding babies and toddlers—ewww.  So these came out of the garage last year, too.
    • $5 Garage sale table!  Yeah, baby!
    • Table cloth is fabric from JoAnn’s that I didn’t even bother to hem–it’s just cut in a wavy line so that it hopefully won’t fray too quickly.
    • Cute little candle lamp in the center of the table was a moms’ group white elephant swap item.
    • Today’s plant–pretty, right?

    Hope everyone’s enjoying the beautiful day!


    1. Mari

      I do love the porch! (And the smoothie idea too. It’s supposed to be hot again so I might just try it later-after having some chocolate at the chocolate festival!)

    2. Big Sister

      The porch looks adorable! Great work! My cheap decorating hint is paint. Many, many things look better with a simple coat of paint.

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