Memorial Day

Phew!  Hot enough for ya?  We’re officially beginning the pool opening countdown.  If anybody’s got recommendations for their favorite water spots–parks or pools or streams, anywhere where the kids can get wet–I’d love to hear about them. Especially places that happen to be available at this very moment.

Meanwhile, back to business.

So, looking around for parade information was quite the quest.  Many municipalities don’t keep things too up-to-date, but I’m listing these because I’ve found them either on the municipality’s website or in at least two different locations if the official websites didn’t list them–usually the Daily Gazette, the Saratoga events site, the Times Union, the Rensselaer County site, and miscellaneous sites like the  Fyfes & Drummes of Olde Saratoga.  I’m sure that I’m also missing some good activities, but keep in mind that there’s still the weekend post coming up on Thursday. This is just very Memorial-Day specific parades or activities.  And not services.  Because this is about Capital District Fun.

Wednesday, May 26th

  • 6 pm in Scotia.  From the corner of Sacandaga Road & Mohawk Avenue to the Veterans Memorial on Mohawk Avenue.
  • 6 pm in Saratoga Springs.  From North Broadway (at First Street?) to Congress Park.
  • 7 pm in Waterford.  From Clinton Street to the Soldier and Sailor Park at First & Broad.

Thursday, May 27th

  • 6:30 pm in Rotterdam. From Mohonasen High School down Curry Road to Sundrise Building, finishing at the Town Hall.
  • 7 pm in Cohoes. From West End Park to Canal Square.
  • 7 pm in Burnt Hills.  From in front of the bowling alley–I could only find this one in the Gazette.  Anyone know?

Friday, May 28th

  • 6:30 pm in Stillwater.  From Hudson Avenue.
  • 6:30 pm in Maplewood/Colonie. That’s all the information that I could find!

Saturday, May 29th

  • 9 am in Ballston Spa.  From Milton Avenue to Front Street to Low Street.

Sunday, May 30th

  • 1-7 pm in Schuylerville.  Memorial Day activities at the Old Stone Fort.

Monday, May 31st

  • 9 am in Schuylerville.  This is another one that I couldn’t find more info. on, although I did find stuff on 2009–super helpful, right?
  • 9:30 am in Albany.  From Partridge Street & Central Avenue, east on Washington Ave. until North Hawk Street.
  • 10 am in Hoosick Falls. From Key Bank on Main to Memorial Park. More info here.
  • 10 am in Watervliet.  East along 19th Street, then right on 2nd Avenue.
  • 11 am in Bethlehem.  From the Elsmere firehouse along Elsmere, Kenwood, & Delaware to  Bethlehem Veterans Memorial Park.
  • 11 am in Lansingburgh/Troy.  Follow the link–lots of information.
  • 1 pm Parade in North Greenbush.  I could only find one listing for this one.

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