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I missed an event–Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake has an early Flag Day Parade on Thursday the 10th (that’s tomorrow or today if you’re a regular reader) at 7 pm.  Thanks to Malta Mama–check her out for more info.

Back when I did the Summer Camp post, I said that I wasn’t linking to the various municipalities. . . I just thought that it would get to be too much.  But a few have such unbelievably enormous lists of fun that I couldn’t hold back anymore.  Yeah, if you’re residents you probably already know, but what if you don’t?  The fear that you might not know about these robs me of sleep at night.  And if your town or village runs some cool stuff with the info. available online, link us up, will ya?

  • Bethlehem–Swimming from 2 up, camp from 4 up, open to non-residents for an extra $10. (Thanks Mari for this one.)
  • Clifton Park–Programs for kids 2 and up, designed for residents.
  • Colonie–Programs for kindergarten and up, non-residents can register after residents have had a chance to sign up.
  • Guilderland–Has great stuff, but it’s for residents only and you residents should have received the info. in the mail.
  • Malta–Programs for kids as young as 18 months, non-residents pay a bit more (Thanks again to Malta Mamma for linking to this one).
  • Niskayuna–Programs for kids as young as 3 years (potty trained), resident policy was unclear but I think non-residents can register with some restrictions.

Speaking of old posts updated, way back when I did a post on seasonal eats, especially ice cream.  I updated it to include links to some additional places that folks have blogged about lately.

And as long as we’ve hit the topic of yummy deliciousness, I’d like to add a word of caution on those homemade peanut butter cups.  Depending on your own personal cycles, it might be better not to have an entire batch of them in your refrigerator on specific days of the month.  I’m just speaking theoretically here.  You know, my goddess within is nurtured by a big bowl of mesclun and herbs, but you might have a problem.

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