Another Healthy Recipe

I took advantage of Cute W’s absence yesterday to try a new (to me) vegetarian recipe from my sister. The girls got a frozen pizza (don’t judge me!) and I made Navajo Stew from the Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers cookbook.

Basically, you roast a bunch of veggies.

Peppers, Onion, Sweet Potato, & Garlic

Then you puree tomatoes, cilantro, and chipotles in adobo sauce (which I had left over from my scared-to-drive-in-the-snow salsa recipe), and you throw the veggies, some black beans, and the pureed mixture all together. The only changes that I made to the recipe was that my can was tomatoes with green chiles, and I added more cilantro because I just love cilantro.

Almost done! Just stir and heat up.

I thought that it was super-deliciously tasty with some Greek yogurt.