Ignore Snow Forecasts; Think Pool!

I spent an inordinately long amount of time folding laundry tonight, so now I’m blogging when I should be sleeping instead. So I’m going to make it snappy.

‘Tis the season to start thinking swimming lessons if you have small, non-swimming-yet children. If your kids are extra little, getting them used to the idea of the pool now will help ensure a fun summer. I mean, we all know that kids can be slow to warm up to an idea, right? I remember one beach vacation when my nephew refused to allow the ocean water to touch him until the afternoon of the last day. And then, of course, he loved it. And it was time to pack.

If your child is pro-pool but not a swimmer yet, why not get a jump start on it now? 8 or 12 weeks of swimming lessons will be perfect timing for the summer. I started to look for excellent links to swimming lessons, but most aren’t updated too well. Okay, a few are, like the super-thrifty Rotterdam Boys and Girls Club, or the special-needs-friendly College of St. Rose. But you can also check my Big Ol’ List of Links for the Pools and Swimming Section, or if you know about an indoor pool that’s close to you at any high school, college, or fitness center, give them a call and see what they’ve got. Did you know that you can also contact your local Y about organizing swimming lessons in a backyard pool? Start thinking of friends to recruit (including one with a pool) so that you can line something up early!

We’ve done swimming lessons at Union College, a Y-arranged backyard session, &  Rotterdam Boys and Girls Club, and I think that all of them were helpful. But there’s nothing like just spending a bunch of time in the water with other kids who are a little bit better at swimming than your own kid to cause exponential advances in the swimming department. For both of my girls, their hugest improvements in swimming happened during week-long vacations with their cousins at a house with a pool in the backyard. So even if you don’t want to do swimming lessons, you might think about inviting friends and doing open swim occasionally while you’re waiting for it to get warm enough outside.

What’s your favorite pool around here? Any that people should know about?