Links on Water Skiing, Biking, & More in the Capital District

Did you guys see that there’s a New York Times article about the US Water Ski Show Team that performs in Scotia? So cool for them, and a nice article, too! Plus, there’s a slideshow on the Times site as well. All Over Albany threw in an interview along with a link–read it here.

People have been talking about biking around the area: on the TU’s On the Edge blog, there’s talk about where to buy a bike, All Over Albany just did a post on local bike paths, and Keep Albany Boring has a post on the helpful Bike the Byways site.

Meanwhile,  Malta Mama talks about a recent hike at Moreau Lake State Park, Dawn of Small-bany did some hiking at Thacher, and readers of the TU’s Parent to Parent blog have suggestions on fun activities with an 11-year old.

J came home enthusiastic again after day 2 at Camp Woodhaven, and the folks at Camp Wa Wa Segowea posted several new pictures to their Facebook page, including 3 that include M. It’s pretty pathetic how I’m grasping for news, because as soon as I caught a glimpse of M, I started IM-ing Cute W to alert him, so we were both looking through the albums and found not-one-but-two! photos, and then not-two-but-three! photos. Of course, not a single one of them showed her face, smiling. Which is what I wanted: reassurance that she’s happy. I wonder if they avoid faces like I do? In any case, I spent a tragic amount of time analyzing the back of my daughter’s head and her general posture. My conclusion is that since she’s next to the same girl in all 3 photos, surely this means that she’s made a friend. So, good. I feel better.

I spent all my me time working out, running a ridiculous number of errands, and filing today. Not super-glamorous, but it’s excellent to check things off the list.




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