Two Girls Tucked Into Bed. . .

. . . And all’s right in our little corner of the world.

M loved camp. I drove to Wa Wa Segowea to get her while Cute W stayed local to get J off the bus from her daycamp. She gave me a hug, then pulled me by the hand around camp looking for her best camp friend who was, indeed, the girl I’d seen in those much-examined Facebook photos. Then she picked out the single most expensive item from the “camp store” (ie. some stuff laid out on a table): a cozy sweatshirt (I made her pitch in for it). Then she took me on a tour.

“This is the chapel. In the old days people were here all week and they’d do church on Sunday, but now we just go there to talk about their feelings,” she explained.

The tour was longer, but I’m too tired for a full report. We ate dinner (food was good, and M reported that one meal in particular was “the best lunch ever“), then headed home.

On the way, we passed through West Stockbridge, where they’re having a Zucchini Festival this weekend. We’d chuckled at the zucchini flags on the way up to camp last week, but now that the festival’s imminent there are tons of extra homemade zucchini signs advertising all sorts of treats. Zucchini bread, zucchini smoothies, and more. Pretty comical considering my recent zucchini-inspired vegetable meltdown. So of course I had to take a photo.

I wanted to take more pictures, because there were numerous signs with a wide variety of zucchini-inspired items. But I’m not particularly skilled at navigating or driving, so throwing photography into the mix was too much for me.

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