More on Our Disney Trip!

So, I had a few friends over, and I drank way too much wine, and then around about midnight, I sat down at the computer to write a post. And then, to my great joy and relief, I found out that several of my Disney World articles, complete with photos, are now available on!  Hooray! All the articles on Epcot and Animal Kingdom are by me, and I haven’t linked over there yet, so I bet that you haven’t read them. So why don’t you do that now? And I will drink two big glasses of water and go to bed.


  1. Thank you very much! Two comments showed up in my check-and-approve-this queue. That’s either because you’ve never commented on the blog before (possible?) or you’re using a different email or computer. From now on, if you comment using the same info. it will show up right away. I have to approve first-timers because otherwise the comments will sometimes say things like “Brilliant! You excellent points make. Want get big hot ^&*(%$&^? Click here!” Eeewwww. They prey on poor bloggers who are desperate to have someone tell them that they’re wonderful. But lucky for me, I’ve got you! 😉

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