If You Stopped By Our House Today. . .

You probably would have seen M practicing the cup song “When I’m Gone” (and yes now she’s desperate to see Pitch Perfect, and how inappropriate is it? It’s not like we’ve never shown them anything inappropriate) :


And for much of the day I was hunched over the computer emailing everyone local (and at least one person in England!)  to join Vote Yes Niskayuna for the budget vote on  June 18th. Ugh! I just walk around with that bad hair! Someone should tell me what’s hanging off the back of my head!


And J, unsupervised, making cute little tarts in the toaster oven. . . .


While Isis the cat stared at her reproachfully, because if you linger in the kitchen after 4 pm, you should be getting her some dinner, for pete’s sake.


Niko and Madison the fish,  meanwhile, did what they do every day: swim around, enjoying each moment,  just happy to still be alive.


And M was still doing the Cup Song!


The truth? It is pretty catchy.

UPDATE: Apparently I jinxed them. Niko was floating on the surface this morning. For safety purposes, the other fish will never be mentioned again on the blog while she’s still alive.




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