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We’re having a slightly stressful movie night. Cute W remembered Time Bandits with great fondness, but J is finding it rather terrifying. Also, a lot of casual death. Of course, I can’t be one to cast stones, since I’d recommended the original Cheaper By the Dozen forgetting about a significant death at the end. That was a bummer movie night.  I’d never seen Time Bandits, and when I mentioned this, Cute W had the same shocked and appalled expression as when I told him that I thought Star Wars was “all right, I guess.”

Update (because I had to take an extended break to cuddle both arms protectively around J): No, this movie was so horrifyingly inappropriate that I can hardly believe it. It was twenty times worse than the end of Cheaper By the Dozen. I’m not sure which was more painful: seeing J cowering under the blanket, or watching Cute W as he’d vaguely remember that another bad, scary thing was about to happen. Stay far away. Also, it seemed like much of the last third of the movie was written by someone on an acid trip.  Not that I know anything about dropping acid, but some sort of drugs must have been involved. Anyway, M enjoyed the movie, and even though we repeatedly offered to bring J upstairs to read books, she wanted to know how it ended and we thought that sticking it out for the happy ending would make it all seem less scary. Except, oops: it wasn’t a happy ending.

Speaking of watching stuff, here’s a little video preview of Saturday’s Hannaford Kidz Expo. They really do have tons of things to do there. Clowns! A play! A train! Oh, and in the video, Debra mentions a weekly Kids Out and About email newsletter–you can sign up for it here.

I actually had a cheeseburger with Debra from Kids Out and About today, and I love this idea of having organizations update their own information on the site to make a comprehensive list of events and classes and camps. When I first started Capital District Fun I had a database in mind, but since I like to write more than figuring out how to do tech stuff, I scrapped it and just blogged away. These days, I have to confess that the Sunday & Thursday listings are my least-favorite posts, just because they’re freakin’ tedious. So I am hoping that in the near future I can just link you over there and you’ll be all set. And then, if you have a little extra time, you can come back and hear how I wreak havoc doing overly ambitious crafts, try to get Cute W to like new vegan dinners, or torture small children with scary movies.




  1. amy

    forget about watching the goonies too–there is a bad scene first off, although it improves after that…i don’t remember it bothering me much then, but maybe i was older when i saw it? denial?

  2. amy

    the princess and the pony was another doozy. we found it at the library. cute case, cute premise, but lots of gun threatening behaviors. not being able to find a rating should have tipped me off. what have i done????

  3. Meghan

    Did Cheri ever tell you about the time Zach tricked me into letting him watch Star Wars a few years back when I was babysitting? The kids got to pick out a movie to watch and while I was making popcorn I instructed them to go through the kid movies and pick out what one they wanted to watch…. Zach must have snuck Star Wars off the adult shelf up on the bookcase and after a failed attempt at Scooby Doo Star Wars it was…. needless to say he was thrilled!

  4. Jenn

    We recently let the kids watch Jurassic Park. I forgot about the disembodied arm scene until it was too late, but they seemed ok. So we moved on to the final two Star Wars since Darth cutting off Luke’s arm was our reason to wait. Still haven’t watched Time Bandits with the kids, but like Cute W, Glen remembers it fondly. It is Terry Gilliam and if you’ve ever seen Brazil (which Glen loves and I hate) you can see he is a bit of a twisted mind.

    I think the fact that we remember these movies with fondness-like Goonies- and suffered no ill effects means our kids will be just fine. Like anything else, it’s how we teach them to cope with it.

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