Miscellaneous Stuff

Those oh-so-helpful folks at All Over Albany shared that a bunch of videos are available from the recent TEDxAlbany event. I’m excited to check these local ones out, because I love me some TED Talks. Speaking of things I love, I also love Girl Power Books, so I was excited when Lisa Belkin over at … [Read more…]

From the Email In-Box. . .

Okay, I’m catching up a bit, and the holiday panic is subsiding.  I’ve also been rummaging through my email, and I thought that I’d share some miscellaneous news items. Emack & Bolio’s in Albany wants to make sure that you all know that they do birthday parties. Candyland Activity & Enrichment Center in Schenectady is … [Read more…]

Link Love

So the nice ladies at the Momxchange blog said all sorts of lovely things about me, which was too kind of them.  You should check them out.  Among other things, they are much more likely to notice things like shopping opportunities for mommies–as I’ve mentioned before, I am not a shopper. I’ve also started contributing … [Read more…]


Wasn’t I just telling you that you should probably be reading Nippertown?  Well, I have to plug them again for sharing the link to the live webcam of a hummingbird nest, complete with hatching eggs!  How fun is that?  I would like to show my children, but they are outside playing, and I can’t exactly … [Read more…]

Giving Globally, Regionally, & Locally

I apologize for the re-post. . . somehow this post completely disappeared from my blog.  I’m still baffled.  But I wanted to keep this available. The news from Haiti is so horrible.  I thought that this site, which talks a little about how you can give most effectively when there’s a disaster far away, was … [Read more…]

Holiday Fun at Home

My girls were thrilled with Albany Winterfest yesterday.  Loved the jugglers and trampoliners and fireworks, and they came home with prizes that were not nearly as crappy as what we usually get from, say, Chuck E. Cheese.  In fact, I just ran upstairs to check and see if they were perhaps not even made in … [Read more…]