Playground Power!

Okay, I was procrastinating about this playground list because, really, this weather doesn’t put me in a playground mood anyway. But when I read the Gazette this morning I realized that I had to do another playground post because this WaterPowerPeace project has got to be just about the coolest thing ever. Basically, it’s about … [Read more…]

Easter Events (with updates as they come)

Everybody ready for Easter?  We’ve sampled many events from year to year.  The Crossings is fun, but as anyone can tell you who’s visited this park on a lovely day, it’s also a bit of a mob scene.  We usually go to Niskayuna’s parade, which consists of a bunch of parents and young kids shuffling … [Read more…]

Last Week of March, Already!

Another week, another bunch of things to do.  Remember, if none of this appeals to you, that you should check out the regularly scheduled events from the What About TODAY? page.  I have to tell you, sometimes this blog makes me feel a little bit guilty.  There were so many events over the weekend, and … [Read more…]

Playground Project

Okay!  I’ve been saying that I’m trying to figure out a way to get information about all sorts of playgrounds, and I ‘m hoping that all of you can help me. Here’s how it works: Think of a playground that you think is worth knowing about. Click on the link to a survey and answer … [Read more…]