Peck o’ Peppers

I mentioned that I had bunches of peaches, Deb at Kids Out and About is dealing with piles of cabbages, and the latest produce overwhelming me is hot peppers. Okay, so, for a while, I was doing well. We love to make salsa. And Cute W threw some peppers in with his homemade pickles. That … [Read more…]

Other People’s Houses are Cooler

We hosted play dates today. I know it’s silly, but play dates cause me some anxiety. Part of my problem is that we just haven’t done too many. In first and second grade, M usually didn’t particularly want to invite anyone over, and when J invites a friend, it’s almost always her BFF, who’s practically … [Read more…]

Apple & Wine Festival, Farm Fest, Undercover Playground, LarkFEST, Hispanic Heritage, and More This Weekend

Just went to little J’s Back-to-School Night. Her teacher’s the same person M had in first grade, and she’s just gotten better. Plus, there were slides of our children looking adorable, so what’s not to like? Except, of course, that it’s after 8 and I still haven’t had dinner yet. I’m waiting to have dinner … [Read more…]

MMM, mmm, Peaches

We’ve been getting peaches from our CSA. Cute W and I are temperamentally incapable of having peaches in the house without singing that peaches song “. . . peaches come in a can, they were made by a man. . . .” Of course, then the girls protest, outraged, “Peaches don’t come in a can! … [Read more…]

Hanging around

How’s everybody adjusting to the new routine? And why, oh why, does it always turn warm and beautiful just after all the schools open and all the pools close? Yesterday we biked over to Central Park and playing in the hiking trails. The mosquitoes were fierce early, so we didn’t last long. Here’s M scaring … [Read more…]

Prenatal & Baby Classes in Albany

PLEASE NOTE: This post is from September 2011, so of course the schedules are now out of date. Check the links directly for updated information. I’m not feeling creative. Lucky for me, I just received an email from a reader jam-packed with info. So I’m going to mindlessly share it. Ready? It’s from Erin McKinney. … [Read more…]

This Week

Alright, here’s what I’ve found for this week: All Week: They’re celebrating an Apple Festival at the Children’s Museum of Saratoga. They don’t have the information on the website, but according to their email, all of the regular events, like Story Art, Wiggle & Giggle, and others are apple-themed. On Wednesday from noon to 3 … [Read more…]

A whole new year

The girls are happy. J likes her teacher, which I expected because I already knew that she was fabulous. M loves her teacher. Te first day she came home saying “She is sooooo nice.” Today she was upgraded to cool and we were regaled with exciting stories from her life. Excellent. I’m particularly grateful because … [Read more…]