Lucky Bamboo

We had J’s birthday party. It was small: she’s got a group of 3 other girls with whom she likes to “play pandas” at recess. I don’t really know how you play pandas–I think that they’re pretending to be panda bears? And it’s a pretend game that they all love, and occasionally some other girls … [Read more…]

Welcome to My Train Wreck

Tomorrow’s J’s birthday party, and the cake thing wasn’t going so well today. It was supposed to be a triple-layer cake, but after I’d successfully pulled removed one layer from the pan, the second wasn’t going to well. I panicked and left the third one to cool more, and J tried to do it herself. … [Read more…]

Outside the Comfort Zone

This morning I was visiting Mary, and she gave me an early birthday present. One thing that drives her crazy is that I’m always wearing dainty little earrings. She’d like me to branch out. I’m like her project. So over the years she’s been focusing on accessories. And they’ve been growing. Ttoday she prefaced her … [Read more…]