Valentine’s Day Preparations

Valentine’s Day fever has hit our household. Both girls started working on their Valentine mail boxes today. At our school, kids are supposed to make these at home and bring them in along with valentines for each child in their class. The paper was flying. We had some American Girl products that I’d bought when … [Read more…]

A Festive Holiday Upgrade

And by “holiday,” I don’t mean Christmas. I mean the next important holiday coming up: Thanksgiving. Last year I posted about our Thankful Tree. We love the Thankful Tree. For years, it’s been a humble little construction paper-twig tree, like the original idea from Family Fun. But this year, with that heavy snowfall, we had … [Read more…]

Glamorous Jewelry

This whole no-pool thing has seriously got me down. I mean, if it were rainy, I could feel okay about indoor activities, but it’s so gorgeous that we all feel compelled to be outside, but without a stream or a sprinkler or a pool, it’s a little depressing. Today the ice cream truck came by, … [Read more…]

Decorating Cupcakes

M’s theme for her birthday party was cupcakes. Each time she would explain this to someone, she’d declare “The theme of my party is. . . Cupcakes!” with high drama and a sort of jazz-hand flourish. She was inspired by the plates and napkins at Target right now, which made life easy. And last year … [Read more…]

Behold, the Splendors of Nature

Gorgeous day, right? Apparently we’ve got a string of them in store. So I thought that I’d remind you that we have a list of local hikes that you might enjoy–the link is always over there on the right for your convenience. If you have a difficult time motivating your kids to hike, or if … [Read more…]

A Backyard Ice Skating Rink!

Recently we went to our friends’ house to try out their new homemade ice rink. So, first of all? Completely jealous. Seriously, it’s awesome. Unfortunately we have a small, sloping little yard, so no matter how much I pine (and whine), it’s just not meant to be for us. But maybe you could try it. … [Read more…]

Icy Sun Catchers

I’ve mentioned sun catchers in the blog before, but we recently made up a new batch, so I thought that I’d share some photos. It’s fun and easy even for a toddler, and my 6- and 8-year-olds were completely engrossed in their sun catcher designs. Of course, adding water means that you can’t place things … [Read more…]