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Lately, I’m not allowed in the kitchen from 2:30 to 3 pm. That’s because J has been making us fruit snacks. Sometimes they’re two courses, frequently they’re accompanied by fresh-squeezed juice, and they’re always presented with flair.

Honeydew melon in an orange peel with strawberry-sliver garnish (served with the orange juice):


Frozen mango chunk with sliced banana served with a kiwi puree:


Frozen raspberry-grape-peach salsa displayed on an icy mosaic plate:


It’s rather delightful. Of course, there are a few drawbacks. Sometimes there’s a bit of a mess. Often a fruit snack will require the use of several dishes and cups and a juicer and the sides of our box grater that are the most challenging to clean. Sometimes food is abandoned. . .



or the fruit is prepared in a way that doesn’t perhaps take advantage of all that it has to offer.


For the first day or two, I overlooked this, not wanting to rain on J’s fruit-snack joy parade. But on a particularly egregious day that included spills and a bag of frozen fruit abandoned to defrost on the kitchen table, J got some coaching. I told her that delightful snacks become less delightful when the mess involved takes more time to clean up than I spent enjoying her creation. Since then the clean-up process has vastly improved.

Occasionally, J’s creativity is. . . more creative than I’d like. Like the time she explained that the little black decorative flecks were “avocado zest.” But in general she makes some pretty good stuff, and M is game for the snacks, too. She likes to be fed and served, so it works out great. One day M was late and we had another sixth grade friend over, and I was grateful when she politely choked down a Dixie cup full of kiwi-orange juice.

And I think that she’s getting better, actually. Here’s today’s creation:

IMG_4165Served with this cup full of what turned out to be hand-whipped cream:


It was such a success that she insisted on making more for dessert tonight.


  1. Big Sister

    This is fantastic! How about frozen grapes? No fuss, no muss. Frozen bananas in chunks taste like ice cream….

  2. @Big Sister, the girls LOVE frozen grapes–whenever we get to that point where it’s mostly stem and a few grapes, I pull them off and throw them in the freezer. Sadly M doesn’t like bananas, but the rest of us do. That salsa-type item includes grapes–sometimes J likes to chop things beyond recognition. . . .

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