The Limits of Magical Creatures

I’ve had a bit of low-level anxiety this April about Easter. Growing up, the Easter Bunny used to always bring me a new outfit, suitable for wearing to church that day. It was a lovely tradition that I planned to continue with my own children. Early on, in fact, the girls did get cute little … [Read more…]


I’m exhausted from having 8 little girls crafting and frolicking at my house, so I’m not going to provide you with a quality post tonight. Instead, here’s a conversation that I overheard between M and her 3rd-grade girlfriend. One of their other friends had already left the party, and she’d forgotten to bring home her … [Read more…]

Fairy Gardens

I’m catching up on the birthday party craftiness with the cute little gardens that we made for our fairies. Here are some supplies: I bought a peat-moss-looking table runner as well as some vase fillers and pretty little scrapbooking roses at Michael’s.  I cut the table runner up into small-ish pieces and glued them onto … [Read more…]

Birthday at Bumble Beads

J went to a birthday party today at Bumble Beads in Latham.  I hadn’t ever been inside, although I’d peered in one day when we were visiting Hoffman’s Playland, which is right next door. The mom provided snacks, pizza, & dessert.  The store provided the space (a little alcove portion of the store), two crafts … [Read more…]