Ignore Snow Forecasts; Think Pool!

I spent an inordinately long amount of time folding laundry tonight, so now I’m blogging when I should be sleeping instead. So I’m going to make it snappy. ‘Tis the season to start thinking swimming lessons if you have small, non-swimming-yet children. If your kids are extra little, getting them used to the idea of … [Read more…]

Collins Day o’ Fun

What a beautiful day! We spent tons of time outside, most of it at Collins Park. In fact, M got a sunburn. Because I’m a bad mother who didn’t put sunscreen on her child. Well, really, who would’ve guessed that the girls would spend, like, 4 or 5 hours outdoors? After Collins I was sure … [Read more…]

A Backyard Ice Skating Rink!

Recently we went to our friends’ house to try out their new homemade ice rink. So, first of all? Completely jealous. Seriously, it’s awesome. Unfortunately we have a small, sloping little yard, so no matter how much I pine (and whine), it’s just not meant to be for us. But maybe you could try it. … [Read more…]

Rates for Skiing Day Trips

I had a tremendously unproductive day and some girl-drama this afternoon, so I’m grouchy. I figured that I’d blow off posting today. But then, instead, I  decided to share my notes as I checked out lift ticket prices. We’re thinking about skiing this Sunday. This listing is pretty self-serving. It isn’t  particularly helpful for those … [Read more…]

Maple Ski Ridge

We finally made it to Maple Ski Ridge! Really, I feel silly that we hadn’t gone before. Everyone told us that it was a great easy trip and perfect for learning skiers. Somehow, I had a mental block that there couldn’t be anything worth a trip that wasn’t, you know, a trip. But we had … [Read more…]


Cute W had two soccer practices today.  I might be biased, but I think that he’s an excellent coach.  Actually, I am biased.  In fact, the other night, we were eating dinner, and M said, “Mommy’s got [words distorted by excessive giggling]”.  What?  We asked.  Except J:  she seemed to understand already.  Maybe they’d discussed … [Read more…]


The Tour de Habitat, a bike race in the Capital District coming up on Saturday, September 26th to benefit Habitat for Humanity, has a 10-mile, fairly flat option to encourage novices and families to participate.  They ask that you raise $100 per person or $100 per family with young children in order to participate.  There’s … [Read more…]

For the Athletically Ambitious

They’re starting a new event in Schenectady:  a Pedal Paddle Run on September 11th at Freedom Park.  The race itself begins at 8:30 am and adults and kids 10 and up can participate in teams, or ages 15 and up as individuals.  At noon there will be music and kids’ entertainment. Personally, the idea of … [Read more…]

Collins Lake

The other day we met some friends at Collins Lake in Scotia.  Between visits, I forget just how pleasant it is.  The beach is open from noon to 7:45 pm, and if you go late like we did, it’s quiet and relaxing.  It’s $2/person with kids 5 and under (or maybe it was 6?) free. … [Read more…]