Want to have a little nature adventure in honor of Earth Day? If you haven’t already, you should really try letterboxing.  Personally, I have a hard time motivating my kids to do a hike.  They need some seriously interesting landscape or a crowd of friends in order to stay engaged.  But another great motivator is … [Read more…]

Springtime Sports

How about this gorgeous day?  J is tidying up the playhouse outside, and I organized the garage and finally got around to fertilizing our garden, after removing about 37 itsy-bitsy Maple trees. One of our friends reminded me of a fun activity–taking in a baseball or softball game.  Of course, you could trek out to … [Read more…]

How We’re Spending Our Time

You know, sometimes I feel a little bit guilty, because I talk about all of these wonderful things to do, and then I hardly actually get around to doing any of them.  When the girls were younger we definitely spent more time going to specially programmed events.  These days, if they’re playing happily together, or … [Read more…]

Storytelling, Earth Day, More

At our house, the weekend went by way too fast.  I’m mildly bitter about it, actually.  I’m just in a crappy mood.  The girls were treating me quite obnoxiously at dinner.  And I have a raging headache.  But enough about me!  We’ve got the Riverway Storytelling Festival and Earth Day and all sorts of fun … [Read more…]

Playgrounds Update

I’ve updated the Playground List. If you visit a new playground, or if you have a favorite that isn’t listed yet, please share it with us by filling out the survey. For those of you who didn’t catch it in the comments and who aren’t a Fan on Facebook, Schenectady’s had to shut down the … [Read more…]


So, I was so busy typing this that M finished gymnastics and they both went downstairs and were all ready to go by the time I caught up with them.  If I’d left my keys loose they probably would have tried to drive home without me!  Here’s the weekend. . . All Weekend: The New … [Read more…]

Start of the Weekend

Okay, it’s been a busy day, so I’m a little behind schedule and the weekend post is in process, but here’s what I’ve got for Friday so far to get you started. Friday, April 16th It’s Art Night Schenectady from 5-9 pm, including free admission to Schenectady Museum from 5-7 pm. Albany Poets kick off … [Read more…]

Want something free?

The  Albany Institute of History and Art sent out a link to a survey.  Complete it and you get 4 free passes.  The survey’s a bit involved, but if you haven’t visited this museum because you didn’t want to spend the cash, here’s your big chance.  Great paintings & sculptures!  A mummy!  Colonial America stuff! … [Read more…]

Clothesline Weather!

I love hanging clothes on the clothesline. First,  saving energy makes me feel virtuous & warm & fuzzy & At One With the Earth.  Not that I’m going to go all radical homemaker on you.  Although, come to think of it, I can also churn butter. Another thing I like about using the clothesline is … [Read more…]