My Trader Joe’s Report

Earlier this week I paid my first-ever visit to Trader Joe’s. I’d heard quite a bit of gushing over Trader Joe’s, and I’d also heard that they’ve got plenty of yummy mostly-already-prepared products. That was excellent for this week, since Cute W was traveling. First, I got lost, because my GPS told me that it … [Read more…]

Where Was I?

The Me Party continued with a chick flick tonight. I watched Mean Girls. This had been on my “to watch” list for a while, but I realized that I had no idea exactly when it came out. As the previews rolled and announced their availability on DVD and VHS, it became clear that it was … [Read more…]

Schenectady Food Swap

Tonight was the first Schenectady Food Swap. You might remember that I was excited to hear that  my church in is the newest location for food swaps with the From Scratch Club.  When I mentioned it the other day, I said that I was “both intrigued and intimidated.” Luckily, they planned for people like me … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Minefield

Walking around my house these days is like a minefield. A Minefield of Love. Everywhere I turn, J is working on another project for Mother’s Day. She is diligent. She is creative. She is prolific. Sadly, many of these creations will not make the cut. She will labor over a glorious and beautiful message that … [Read more…]

YMCA & Proctors do Parents Night Out

I heard about the YMCA & Proctors launching this new program, and I was so excited about it that I finally motivated myself to visit the new downtown Schenectady Y, even though I am still fairly bitter about its lack of pool on the premises. Some of that bitterness ebbed when I saw the pretty, … [Read more…]

Celebrating Spring With Books

I was volunteering at the library today, and I stumbled on What Bluebirds Do by Pamela F. Kirby. It’s a gorgeous picture book full of photographs of a family of bluebirds that took up residence in the author’s backyard. Readers see the baby birds grow and learn all sorts of interesting facts that will be … [Read more…]

Future Dinners

  Not too long ago on the TU Parent to Parent blog, Tracy said, “I asked my girls what kind of meals they think they’ll cook when they are on their own.”  The answers were a little demoralizing. She suggested that readers ask, too, and report in the comments. I thought it was an interesting … [Read more…]

Clothing Joy and Pain

The other day we received an unanticipated package. “A package!” both girls yelled, as their Psychic Possible Gift Perception kicked in. The return address was my mom, so the girls  clustered like cats around tuna while I gestured for space with my scissors. Dangerous but effective. Look! New scarves for me, M, and J! Yippee! … [Read more…]