We celebrated our anniversary over the weekend with an Anniversary Eve Date, but for the day itself, we didn’t do anything special. Instead, there was quite a bit of puttering, laundering, and organizing.   Ever since my recent triumph with storing the games and DVDs, I’ve been attempting to get different sections of the house under … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Gift

So, I felt like slacking off today, post-wise, so I thought that I’d link to a Mother’s Day post I did back when I was doing the CBS 6 blog. But it’s gone. I think they gave up on that venture shortly after I said that I didn’t have time to contribute. . . coincidence? … [Read more…]

Squandering a Day of Vacation

My car was making a noise. Actually, I didn’t really notice it: Cute W did. This is one of the quirks in our relationship. I joke that I grew up in a household where, if something didn’t work exactly right, we just lived with it. And then, if we couldn’t live with it, eventually we’d … [Read more…]

Capital District Easter 2011 Activities

See this bunny? She’s approximately the size of a three-year-old.  My 20-year-old boyfriend, Cute W, carried her through the airport to greet me when I returned to college from spring break with my family. My children have offered me many adorable moments, but for adorable-with-a-side-of-swoon, it’s difficult to beat a blondie with goo-goo eyes and … [Read more…]

Adventures in Food

I struck out at dinner again last night.  Lately every main-dish recipe I try seems to be a tragic failure.  This is probably because I keep trying new super-healthy and vegetarian items, because that’s what I’d like us all to be eating. So, I attempted a Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew.  Part of what made … [Read more…]


Friday was just one of those days for me. It started with the morning bike ride, which turned out to be too cold.  Also, how discouraging do you think it is that my 5-year-old questions my ability to find her nursery school? I have a tremendously poor sense of direction (which, if you’ve read the … [Read more…]

Birthday Date Tonight

So, it’s my husband’s birthday today.  I managed to score a babysitter, but we still haven’t decided what we’re doing.  Of course, there’s stuff going on. . . There’s an event called Fat Saturday for the Arts at Revolution Hall in Troy.  There’s also  a Salsa Social at the Troy Masonic Temple tonight. Proctors is … [Read more…]

Me & My Cheap Valentine’s Day

Thanks for showing me some love with the comments–free for you, yet priceless to me!  Anyway. . . I was walking through Target yesterday, and I stopped to look at the Valentine’s Day cards.  We generally craft something up at our house, but I know that the girls appreciate the finery of store-bought.   There were … [Read more…]


So, my cute husband keeps posting all of my blog posts to Facebook.  Which is sweet, but I was starting to get a little embarrassed, and I said, basically, do you have to?   Then he started teasing me, complete with fluttery, effeminate gestures of indecision and distress:  “Oh, I want people to read it!  … [Read more…]