Just a Geeky Book Post

I’m in the middle of reading My Name is Mary Sutter, which is the selection for Schenectady County’s One County One Book Program. I’m enjoying it very much, thank you. Which is not a surprise, since I love-love-love historical fiction. And Mary’s from Albany, so I was thinking that I might spread the word and … [Read more…]

Recreational Retail

We had to buy a birthday gift and one of those big cardboard display boards. Plus, all three of us had gift cards burning holes in our pockets. So we all headed to Target. Because I’m just not as strong as Gaga. I think that I picked up the second-to-last display board in the entire … [Read more…]

Cookie Crisis Averted!

Every year I order Girl Scout Cookies from my neighbor and then I find out that Cute W’s ordered from coworkers’ kids, and next thing you know we have a lot of cookies. I know, I know: what’s the problem? Well, I just try to limit the number of completely irresistible items in my house. … [Read more…]

A Stern Lecture, Clearly Overdue

As parents, we try to be encouraging. We look for the best, and we try to accentuate the positive. Through our loving eyes, we might see things differently from, well, reality, and it can take time before we even realize that we’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses. Too late, we understand that our indulgent attitude has … [Read more…]

Kids Out and About

We’re having a slightly stressful movie night. Cute W remembered Time Bandits with great fondness, but J is finding it rather terrifying. Also, a lot of casual death. Of course, I can’t be one to cast stones, since I’d recommended the original Cheaper By the Dozen forgetting about a significant death at the end. That … [Read more…]

Another Healthy Recipe

I took advantage of Cute W’s absence yesterday to try a new (to me) vegetarian recipe from my sister. The girls got a frozen pizza (don’t judge me!) and I made Navajo Stew from the Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers cookbook. Basically, you roast a bunch of veggies. Then you puree tomatoes, cilantro, and chipotles in … [Read more…]