Circus Giveaway!

Those very kind people at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus have shared some tickets with me so that I can share them with you. Hooray!  I’m also excited because one of the things I tend to forget is the free events surrounding the whole circus brouhaha, like when the animals all parade from … [Read more…]


I’m having one of those nights when there are so many stories to tell, I just can’t choose. So I’ll try to do short versions of a few until you or I get bored and move on. First, I never reported on our lovely date on Saturday. We went to Cella Bistro and had, among … [Read more…]

Yay, Spring

How crazy it is that my house was too cold today, so I opened up the windows to let some of the hot air in? It worked, too. There were these bizarre gusts of hot air. We’re loving the excellent weather. The only sad part is that Cute W is out of town, so he … [Read more…]

Guess Where We Had Dinner?

Oh yes we did. One of our little friends had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Usually an hour at CEC gives me a headache, but lucky for me, I already had a headache before I even walked in the door, so it didn’t matter much. We had an abundance of tokens, not … [Read more…]

More New Stuff

Both girls, having been pumped with alternating doses of antibiotics and pro-biotic yogurt, were sent to school today. Meanwhile I continue to languish in The Land of The Never-ending Cold. Really, the emails and tidbits of information are beginning to stack up in a disconcerting manner. Usually I’ll get a few emails about something, and … [Read more…]

Capital District Easter 2011 Activities

See this bunny? She’s approximately the size of a three-year-old.  My 20-year-old boyfriend, Cute W, carried her through the airport to greet me when I returned to college from spring break with my family. My children have offered me many adorable moments, but for adorable-with-a-side-of-swoon, it’s difficult to beat a blondie with goo-goo eyes and … [Read more…]

Not This Week

Now I’ve got the sickness Cute W had. Which was to be expected, what with all the cootie-passing. So I’m wimping out and not putting together this week’s listing. Hopefully I’ll get something more complete out tomorrow. This week it’s the Riverway Storytelling Festival with events at a variety of locations. Monday, April 4th: At … [Read more…]

Slacking Through Saturday

Last night we went to see our school’s talent show even though M wasn’t feeling great. Her teacher and some others were doing a Special Surprise Act and she really, really wanted to go. By the end of two and a half solid hours of elementary-school talent, poor M looked like she was ready to … [Read more…]