This Week

So, says that we’re going to possibly hit 50 on Wednesday!  Woo, hoo!   We are so getting outside.  I wish that I were with-it enough to provide you with a list of playgrounds and a constantly-updated snow-meltedness index.  Maybe that will be the next big project?  Umm, yeah.  Do you see this?  Clearly, I … [Read more…]


Friday was just one of those days for me. It started with the morning bike ride, which turned out to be too cold.  Also, how discouraging do you think it is that my 5-year-old questions my ability to find her nursery school? I have a tremendously poor sense of direction (which, if you’ve read the … [Read more…]

Signs of Spring! Now, with added Blogginess!

That’s right, baby!  All of those seasonal fried-food-and-ice-cream places are gearing up!  Bring it. . . . b-r-i-n-g. . . i-t! The Control Tower on Route 7 opens Monday, March 15th.  Although I resent the new go carts and high prices, I love me a Chicken Caesar Wrap. Kurver Kreme on Central Avenue opens Monday, … [Read more…]

A Biking Valentine. . .

J and I went on our first bike ride of the season yesterday.  We used our fabulous Trail-Gator.   Oh, Trail-Gator!  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways. You bring all of the joy of “real” bike riding–the speed,  the wind in the hair, the ability to easily ride in figure eights–to my … [Read more…]

New York State Museum

This morning, I went to the New York State Museum all by myself.  I know, I know:  kids love it.  A wonderful family destination.  But last time I went, it was with the kids and the husband and my parents, and there just wasn’t time to look at everything.  Specifically, the 1609 exhibition, in honor … [Read more…]

A Confession . . . and Other Produce News

Please don’t judge me.  I almost didn’t find the courage to share this.  I am about to inflict pesticide-ridden strawberries on a whole group of innocent, cherubic, nursery-school children. I am the helper at our co-op nursery school on Wednesday, and J requested strawberries.  Repeatedly.  Today I went grocery shopping, and there weren’t any organic … [Read more…]


It’s another busy weekend for us–ice skating, dance classes, kid’s birthday party, my husband over-volunteering again, a meeting for me, miscellaneous. Is anyone else feeling disoriented by the weather?  There are blue skies and warm temperatures and little birds tweeting, and then it’s snowing again, and then it’s raining?  It’s making me a little nutty, … [Read more…]