Farmers’ Markets

I’m in a foul mood, and I just whined for about four paragraphs and then I removed it because you don’t really need to hear that, right?  So, instead, just take a look at this veritable smorgasbord of local farmers’ markets.   We’ve all heard, I think, about Troy & Downtown Schenectady & the Crossings, but … [Read more…]

This Saturday

Have you heard that this Saturday is Take Our Children to the  Park. . . And Leave Them There Day?  Lenore Skenazy, of Free Range Kids fame, came up with this idea.  She explains: If our goal is to get kids back outside (it is), and playing together (it is), and for parents to relax … [Read more…]

Hair Thingy Hunt

I’m feeling pretty grouchy today.  W is out of town.  I’ve had several bad runs in a row.  We need a new roof and we have a stupid Tudor style house which makes it cost, like, expensive times 3.  So I thought that I’d just allow myself to be needy today and ask if anyone’s … [Read more…]

This Week

Weekend’s over!  After ranting on Friday and fretting on Saturday, we’re back to the weekly line up.  There are also plenty of regularly scheduled events, and the weather’s looking pretty good, too.  Yay. All Week From 3-4 pm each day, kids can help make a commercial for the Rensselaer Public Library‘s summer reading programs. Monday, … [Read more…]

Host an Exchange Student?

Ever thought about hosting an exchange student?  They’re looking for folks to host Spanish teenagers for about a month this summer.  Great opportunity to make friends with someone who can then host you in a fabulous city with an amazing art museum. In other news, I’ve moved from ranting yesterday to becoming a little overwrought … [Read more…]

Girl Power Books

This morning I was checking out the various blogs, and the TU’s Parent to Parent Blog had what I consider to be an appalling and depressing video of little girls dancing to Single Ladies. Actually, I just went to check, and they’ve pulled the video.  Imagine 8-ish year-old girls wearing thigh-high boots, shorty-shorts & half … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #1

Is anybody else unbelievably chilly?  It’s funny how what’s balmy in February suddenly seems quite unbearable when we’ve been spoiled by warm weather.  So let’s think summer, okay?   Ready?  (Oh, man, I am so ready!!) Free Concerts! Pack yourself a picnic dinner and enjoy the great outdoors.  Even when the music doesn’t captivate them, there’s … [Read more…]