Roses, Art

We took a bike ride to the Central Park Rose Garden after dinner–the girls frolicked with some random children, people were pushing strollers around, and it was positively serene.  So worth a visit, especially if you want to get some good family pictures.  There’s a bridge that the girls love, and J likes to compare … [Read more…]

CSA Pick Up

On Thursday I picked up my CSA share.  Frankly, I’m a little intimidated.  Really, it’s almost like a hobby when you’re getting started, and I haven’t done it in a while (as I explained here).    I’ve eaten five or six different kinds of green vegetables today alone. Since the pick up, I’ve made two … [Read more…]


In between camp and swimming, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing Sleeping Queens.  This card game was a birthday gift, and when I first read the directions, it sounded way too complicated.  Actually, it’s pretty simple, and it was popular on vacation with all of the cousins. It’s got a little bit … [Read more…]

Sizzlin’. Or Not.

The girls had their first day of camp today, and I dropped them off with ice-packed water bottles.  It reminded me of my one attempt at Girl Scout Day Camp a good thirty years ago, back when they used to make us all take salt tablets.  It was hellishly hot, there was limited shade, the … [Read more…]

Phew! Anyone Else Exhausted?

I updated the weekly post with a bunch of new items, so you should check it out again. There’s so much going on.  I’m a little torn, because I was all set to go to SPAC for the Ballet Family Night on Friday, but then I remembered that we promised Fireworks in Schenectady.   And then, … [Read more…]

Summer Week–Now with Updates!

Oh my gosh, you guys.  I just have to stop.  We have a perfect storm of events that’s preventing me from completing today’s post.  First, not to whine, but I’m tired.  So. much. laundry.  (Luckily it was a good drying day!)  And the grocery.  And just the utter post-vacation shambles.  Second, everybody’s all excited about … [Read more…]

Roadtrip Facts and Figures

Approximate total number of hours en route:  13. Number of minutes on road before a Starbucks stop:  approximately 25. Number of wrong turns: only 1!  My fault. Number of movies watched:  4 (Charlotte’s Web, Scooby Doo Pirates Ahoy, Mary Poppins, The Incredibles). Number of times M asked for the definition of a name that W … [Read more…]

4th of July Weekend

Okay, I’m just going to admit it right now: I’m probably going to have missed some fun this weekend.  Please feel free to add items to comments.  Generally, I have a list that’s going already, and then I search exhaustively just before I post.  But, there are shouts of laughter from the hot tub.  The … [Read more…]