The Weekend

Phew!  Tons of stuff to do this weekend again!  And beautiful weather!  Woo, hoo! If you like to use the Tulip Festival for photo ops with your adorable children, All Over Albany says to go now.  The tulips are ready early.  Maybe I’ll get a new header photo? It’s also Pottery Fest at the Shaker … [Read more…]

Last Week of April

Another week, another bunch of things to do.  Don’t forget all those regularly scheduled events on What about TODAY? Monday, April 26th Get a free pretzel at Philly Soft Pretzel Factory in Clifton Park to celebrate National Pretzel Day (you know, before you go to your special pretzel party and exchange gifts and all.  Hey, … [Read more…]

You Know, Just Like, 30 or 40 Things for You to Choose From This Weekend

Hey!  I’m having a splendid day!  Check out this weather, you guys!  Awesome! I woke up and noticed that my five-year-old had once again made her own bed and tidied up her room.  Then I walked downstairs to find the two girls cuddling and giggling together on the couch.  And then I laughed out loud … [Read more…]

Storytelling, Earth Day, More

At our house, the weekend went by way too fast.  I’m mildly bitter about it, actually.  I’m just in a crappy mood.  The girls were treating me quite obnoxiously at dinner.  And I have a raging headache.  But enough about me!  We’ve got the Riverway Storytelling Festival and Earth Day and all sorts of fun … [Read more…]

Want something free?

The  Albany Institute of History and Art sent out a link to a survey.  Complete it and you get 4 free passes.  The survey’s a bit involved, but if you haven’t visited this museum because you didn’t want to spend the cash, here’s your big chance.  Great paintings & sculptures!  A mummy!  Colonial America stuff! … [Read more…]

Back to the Routine!

Would you believe that I was about two-thirds through this post when it suddenly disappeared?  Oh, man, I was so bitter.  Especially since, as I write this thing up, I always delete my notes of whatever I’ve been hearing about.  So maybe there are a couple of things that were completely lost.  SO irritating. We … [Read more…]

Ready for Camping?

No, neither am I.  It’s way too cold for me.  But did you realize that, during the school year, places offer the opportunity for some overnight fun? The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology has camp-ins that cost $30/child and include activities, a planetarium show, a light snack, and breakfast.  Individuals can come to a … [Read more…]

New York State Museum

This morning, I went to the New York State Museum all by myself.  I know, I know:  kids love it.  A wonderful family destination.  But last time I went, it was with the kids and the husband and my parents, and there just wasn’t time to look at everything.  Specifically, the 1609 exhibition, in honor … [Read more…]

Ssssshhhh. . . Library Secrets!

Okay, these aren’t really secrets.  Your local children’s librarian would be happy to tell you about the many programs that are offered, but when you get to the library, you’re too busy pulling books out of the toddler’s mouth or reminding an older child not to run or perhaps sneaking over to the adult shelves … [Read more…]

New to Me

Perhaps you all think that I’ve been Slacky-McSlackster because it has been the longest stretch ever that I’ve gone without a post.  Au contraire!  I am systematically going through all of those links I put together to try to get on everyone’s email lists and RSS feeds to serve you better!  And it all takes … [Read more…]