Schedule-free Saturday

We enjoyed our first completely unscheduled Saturday in months. The gorgeous weather was a bonus. Cute W spent much of the day staining a desk that his dad made for him. Staining furniture has got to be on the Cute W’s top ten list for things that make him most tense, ever. For part of … [Read more…]

Cruising Through the Internet

Hey! Happy Friday the 13th! I consider this day especially lucky for me. At some point in elementary school, I read that it’s lucky for anyone born on the 13th of a month Here’s a big pile of links for you. The Power of Moms has a post called Your Children Want YOU! which made … [Read more…]

We Travel the World

This is my favorite new three-of-us-from-the-back picture in a long time, from today’s visit to an African marketplace! Okay: not really. We visited go: where children discover the world, the exhibition space for the World Awareness Children’s Museum in Glens Falls. It’s small but fun and worth the trip. I’ll be writing a more detailed … [Read more…]

Tick, tick, tick. . . .

I don’t quite know where the day went. That’s what it’s like when the kids are home. Well, first, it’s not entirely true. In the morning, we visited an orthodontist. Little J has crowded teeth, and we were hoping that today’s second opinion would echo the first opinion so that we’d just know what to … [Read more…]


Do you ever read one of those magazines and they’ll say “So-and-so hosted a casual buffet with some neighbors and invited us to see her easy-breezy style”? And what follows is several pages of impossibly gorgeous spreads of food surrounded by distinctive and clever decor and people who look impeccable and beautiful in every way? … [Read more…]

Correspondence with Schools

First, I keep getting links for Easter fun. So here are a few: Deb’s Easter Egg Hunt Tips for Parties at Childhood 101’s Easter Egg Hunt ideas for building literacy and their Playopedia Picks Eggy Fun for Easter The Stir’s 10 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids. The other day, I was pondering … [Read more…]

Vacation: Day 1

We started our spring break by being Easteriffic today. We finally got to egg decorating just barely in time for the holiday. It went well, and I credit our great success to timing, because we decorated while fresh and perky,  immediately after breakfast. As a result, events that could cause an outburst of tears in … [Read more…]

Easter Weekend

I thought some of you might like a look at Babble’s list of top 25 blogs for family travel. Here’s some of what’s happening over the next few days. Click on the day for a more complete list. Friday, April 6th Pre-School Story Hour with Pam at the Open Door Bookstore Spring Bunny Parade at … [Read more…]

Girl Power Summer Camps

Over the weekend, I visited Hudson Valley Community College’s Summer Camp Fair.  I walked around telling people to add their camps to, and I heard about tons and tons of programs for the summer. Debra’s been sharing a “Camp of the Day” on the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, which somehow makes it seem just fun … [Read more…]

Housekeeping and an Update

I don’t have a quality post for you tonight. Instead, I was doing some housekeeping. The cute little icons for Facebook and other social media had inexplicably vanished from my blog, so I put in a new plug-in. It was very, very easy to do, but I’m concerned that its floating-ness might be too annoying. … [Read more…]