This Week

Hey!  We’re all exhausted from excessive cousin fun and sporting crispy noses in spite of 4 or 5 (or more) sunscreen applications today.  The week for us:  more of the same.  The week for you?  Actually, there’s quite a bit happening: Monday, June 28th From 10 am to 4:30 pm, it’s a Kickoff for Summer … [Read more…]

Last Weekend in June

First, I had to laugh at this Onion article–how perfect that it actually says it’s from Niskayuna, NY!  Between this and that news brief they did on period movies, it’s as if they can peer into my Very Soul. Here’s what’s going on this weekend: All Weekend The Old Songs Festival is at the Altamont … [Read more…]

Let Summertime Begin!

We have just completed what I believe might have been the best weather weekend ever.   I mean:  gorgeous! Less gorgeous was yesterday’s post, with a variety of humiliating typos.  I really was tired.   I think I fixed them all.  Anyway, it’s our last day of school this week, so we’re shifting into summer.   Here are … [Read more…]

Free Summer Events Preview #4

More free summer stuff! But first, as a public service announcement, I’m issuing a parental advisory. Moms, you must not, under any circumstances, take speaking children with you into the dressing room when trying on swimsuits.  I know:  it’s such an unpleasant task anyway that it’s tough to use precious “me time” for this. However, … [Read more…]

This Weekend–now with updates!

I’m crabby.  The girls are harmoniously playing a game in which their doll named Kelly (acted out by M, and not to be confused with Barbie’s younger sister) is whining, complaining, and abusing the adorable kitten played by J.  Even though it’s pretend, the whining & complaining is so realistic that it is actually just … [Read more…]

The Week

Phew!  Everyone exhausted from the weekend?  Weather’s looking great for much of this week–still sunny, not so hot.  Yay.  Here are some things going on: Monday, June 7th: The local Sling Babies group is meeting at North Bethlehem Playground at 10:30 am. From 6:30-8 pm, the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library will have a training session for … [Read more…]